Hey, tWINs! What Are You Guys Doing?!

Hello again!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to blog. I’ve been non-stop busy since school is over with. Another thing is I’m trying to procrastinate from packing. I leave TOMORROW for two weeks in the beautiful countries of England and Scotland to see my family. I’m quite excited! The only thing that makes me sad is NO BASEBALL. What am I going to do?! At least I will be home in time for one of my favorite days in summer – The All-Star Game. Say what you want about it, I still love it.

Anyways, moving onto my Twins. What has happened to them?! They just got swept by the BREWERS. THE. BREW. ERS. Honestly, those are games the Twins just need to win without any problems. The starters and the hitters were awful. I think that the first inning in game one really set the tone for the series. We got out to an early 3-0 lead, but it could have easily been more.

I think the main issue we need to address here is: the starting rotation.

Here is what we have: Carl Pavano, Scott Baker, Francisco Liriano, Nick Blackburn, and Kevin Slowey.

Sadly, Pavano is the only one who has had a great start in recent memory. (BTW, can we give him props for that? A one-run complete game against the Phillies in Citizens Bank Park? Impressive.)

In my opinion, I feel that we can still have a little faith in Baker and Liriano. Baker hasn’t pitched horribly, horribly ugly, and Liriano has had his moments of brilliance – like his masterpiece against a tough Braves line-up.

This brings me to Slowey and Blackburn. Where do I begin? Both had back-to-back ugly starts in Philadelphia. We can also go back and look at how Slowey blew-up against the Braves. Blackburn had another batting practice-esque start in Milwaukee today. How do we fix this?


I’m sure anyone else living here in the Twin Cities can attest to the statement that Cliff Lee fever has reached Twins Territory. Especially now that the word is the Twins are currently the frontrunners to get Lee.

I’m not getting my hopes up quite yet. I’ve been a Twins fan in the era where we never made a move at the deadline. To be involved in a blockbuster trade is unfamiliar territory for me.

Is this trade almost necessary, though. Without a doubt, I believe so. How many 1 inning blow-out starts can we afford? With the Tigers and White Sox heating up, the answer is pretty much none.

At this point, it looks like we’ll be offering up Wilson Ramos, the young catching stud who is being blocked by Mauer. A major-league ready starter will need to be included as well. I’m thinking Slowey or Blackburn (despite his contract extension -which could be a problem and prevent him from being included.). Though, a report came out today listing Brian Duensing. That makes more sense, because after seeing the way Slowey and Blackburn have pitched, do you really think Seattle will want to receive either of them in a trade? The final piece most likely will be outfield prospect (Hicks? Revere?).

Either way, something has to be done.

Alright, I’m out for a couple of weeks. Tune in though! I’ll be back with an entry about the ASG. Probably even some vacation pics. Thanks for reading!

tWINs Thoughts! 5/31/10

Hello! Happy Memorial Day! I hope all of you had a great day celebrating with family and honoring those who serve our country. Thank you to all of you out there!

On to BASEBALL! How about my Twins?! They are doing quite well at the moment. In fact, as I type, Cuddyer and Kubel just went back to back against FISTER.

So why am I expecting MORE out of them?

Yes. They are four games up on second place Detroit. Yes. They are ten games over .500.

I am aware. I guess I’d like more stellar pitching (I’m looking RIGHT at you, Kevin Slowey…) Oh, and I like to leave less men on base. More home runs? (BTW, what is your problem with home runs, Target Field?) Or maybe JUST ONCE take a series from the Yankees.

I know… I should be a little less demanding in my wants. I should be lucky to have a team in first place. A team with one of the best players in baseball under a long-term contract. I think the problem is I have World Series fever… Already.

–Other Notes–

-Let’s all hope O-Dog is okay! That collision he had with Span wasn’t cool.

-The West Coast is cool and all, but I’m not a fan of the 9PM start times. I’m STILL in school, guys!

-I watched that Jimenez-Lincecum match-up today. What GIVES, Tim-ay! I expected more out of my fellow June 15th birthday boy!

-Apperently, there was a cook-off between Orioles players at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore, and the VERY handsome Luke Scott won. Hello, future husband…

That’s it for now! Remember to vote Morneau for the ASG!

Oh, and if you’d care to do so, you can follow me on Twitter… @HeidiTwinsFan would be the name 🙂




Sooooo… It’s Been Awhile! + My thoughts on Target Field.

 Oh my gosh! It’s been a couple of MONTHS since I’ve written! In my defense, I got very busy for awhile, life got crazy, but everything is smoothed out now. So, now if I don’t write for a couple of days (weeks?), yell at me in the comment section!

By the way, something happened while I was away. Oh yeah, BASEBALL STARTED!

My Minnesota Twins have had a great start to the 2010 season. The Twins have taken their first five series and are playing outstanding baseball. The pitching has been clicking and the offense has been coming through.

Though, the Twins hot start has been a little overshadowed by the opening of Target Field. Lucky enough for me, my family has two sets of season tickets. I’ve been to two games so far, so here goes my critical raving review/total gameday explanation about the new capital of Twins Territory!

Well, my mother and I had become pros on getting to games at the Metrodome over the years, so we were worried about how we would get to Twins games when they were suddenly going to be played across town in the Warehouse District. I kid you not, we drove downtown at least THREE times this winter to have our route planned out (We are organized people).

Anyways, we park at a parking garage near First Ave. and it has worked out great! Then we make the few blocks walk over past the Target Center to Target Plaza and Gate 34. I have to say the atmosphere around there is different than it was around the Dome. On the way over now we pass by a lot of fun places to eat (I’m waiting for the crowd to die down one of these time at Kieran’s. Anyone been there yet?) and a lot of eclectic street acts (Last time we saw some jazzy soul singer and a man preaching out of his Bible!).

Once you get in the stadium, it is FULL of energy. Both games I’ve been to have been sellouts, so it has been very crowded, but the concources at Target Field are A LOT wider than those of the Metrodome. Both times I’ve had to go in through Gate 29 with my Legands Club seats, but it’s just a short walk over to Gate 34 to check out the FS North Pre and Post-Game Shows!



I thought there would be more people watching them (Who wouldn’t want to see Coom Dog, LaPanta?!), but hardly anyone was there. So if you aren’t wandering the stadium, I would really check this out.

After this, I usually head up to my seats. My family has two sets, like I said before. One includes 20 games in the Legand’s Club, while the other is wayyyyy up in the third tier along first base.

Both times I’ve gone have been with our Legend’s Club seats and they are sweet! They are on the second level along with all the suites, but the best part is the inside part features many different unique food stands, fancy bars, and areas to sit and eat if you don’t want to be out watching the game in the normal seats. After years of sitting in the cheap seats above center field in the Dome, this is a whole new ballgame!

Of course, the best part is SITTING OUTSIDE. We’ve been very lucky here in Minnesota so far and have had fantastic weather so far. I brought a jacket when I went to the game Tuesday night, but I didn’t even need it. The view of the field is so great also. Here are some pictures I took at that Tuesday game against Cleveland.








So my grade for Target Field: A+. If you get the chance, GO, GO, GO! You will have a blast.

Next up: My thoughts on the Twins and MLB so far this season. I promise it won’t be so long 🙂



Hey there! I’m Heidi and I want to start off by thanking you for checking out my blog. I’ve wanted to start a Twins blog for a while, and today seemed to be the best day… seeing that I’m freezing-rained in.

Well, as I said before, my name is Heidi and I’m a 16 year old baseball fan. I enjoy watching any two teams play, but nothing replaces Twins games. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day at school and turning on an exciting Twins game!

My rookie year was 2004. I watched Twins games from time to time prior to ’04, but that year everything changed. All  the excitement on Opening Day of that year was about this guy named Joe Mauer. I watched that first game, and after that, everything took off. I’ve been hooked every since.

Sorry for such a short entry, but I thought I’d type a quick intro post first. I can’t wait to get started talking about the Twins!